BADGUN, the hard-boiled Hawaiian cop loves his car. Only problem there, he drives her baby way too fast. He was fined so many times for speeding, that he loses his job. What could you do without money, without a job?

BADGUN starts car racing.

Help BADGUN get more money! Use the arrow keys (or W,A,S,D) to accelerate, slow down, or turn the car. Reach as far as possible in a given time, make your way to the next level. Collect as much coins as possible. Use the brake, sometime a slower speed gets you farther. Avoid the obstacles, and watch out for the heavy traffic.

Key features:

  • Constantly accelerating gameplay

  • Procedural retro music and sound effects

  • Visuals of the 80s

  • 7 Different Worlds

Sadly adds a very large header to the page and displays the game in iframe, and the page always scrolls out when you want to control the car with the arrow keys, so a frameless version is hosted here, or you can use W,A,S,D keys instead of arrows.

Upcoming changes/fixes after voting ends:

  • missing sounds and effects added (brake, helicopter, keystrokes, etc)
  • speed-o-meter added
  • global highscore list added
  • new power-ups added (time advance, speed advance)
  • winter tiles added
  • new enemies added

Upcoming changes in v2.0

  • new online multiplayer mode
  • new enemies, including cops
  • reworked game physics

Development log


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Nice game with good sounds.
School bus are very annoying ! Ahah !!

Nice game, can't wait the phone version with fluid touch control!

Really cool, I like the arcade game effect it's really cool. I see that you have work a lot for the assets, great job, for the several cars, the helico, the road.

So, I have spent a fun time .